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Improve Classroom Performance
Learn more about how Pearson SuccessNet supports classroom instruction, assessment and reporting.

Improve District Performance
Find out how Pearson SuccessNet can improve performance across your district to connect teachers and parents, understand your data by demographic groups, and publish or analyze assessments and tests.

Pearson School Companies offers a comprehensive set of solutions focused on your success, with high-quality instructional material, assessment and reporting applications, and technology expertise you can count on.

Our solutions include basal programs from Scott Foresman and Prentice Hall; supplemental programs from Modern Curriculum Press, Dale Seymour Publications, Celebration Press, Dominie Press, and Globe Fearon; and technology-delivered individualized instruction from SuccessMaker, NovaNET and Waterford Early Reading, Math and Science.

Pearson School Companies leads in high-stakes, state-wide exam development and delivery—including online delivery, customized reports, and locally deployed testing and reporting systems.

Pearson School Companies also holds the leading position in student data management at the district and state level.

Professional development for teachers and administrators forms a critical link to instruction and assessment. From high-quality support materials in our teacher's editions to research-based technology approaches like LessonLab's Breakthrough Math, Pearson School Companies is committed to administrative and teacher quality.

In addition, our field-based staff of 300 education consultants, engineers, technology consultants, and professional development personnel offers a level of support unmatched by any other education company, to help ensure successful implementation.

“What Can Pearson School Companies Do for You?”

We bring our products and services to you as an integrated set of solutions with a single focus on improving student achievement.

Because of the variety of publishers who make up Pearson School Companies, we are able to suggest different ways to close the loop on the Teach & Learn Cycle, by bringing targeted instruction and intervention to each student based on test results.

Pearson SuccessNet is where we bring it all together.

For teachers, Pearson SuccessNet focuses on your need for assessment, reporting, and intervention.

For administrators, Pearson SuccessNet meets your district curriculum and administrative need to understand both the “big picture” and individual student and teacher performance.

Learn more by selecting Classroom Performance or District Performance.

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